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Image Consulting and Event Planning LLC. 

Specializes in a veriety of services for presenting your best Image!

Mr. and Mrs. Hunt
Wedding Day!
Mr. and Mrs. Blackwell
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold

 Rental and Custom Tuxedos, Tailored Suits or Shirts

W. Anthony Bell

    Image Consultant, 
Hospitality Manager
and Event Planner 

Words of the Sr. Event Coordinator:

W. Anthony Bell

Before I became an Event Planner, I planned my own events.  

It was stressful and I was exhausted on the day of our wedding. 


That is is what I remembered the most about my wedding day.  

So that my experience will not become yours,

I created this Special Event Planning Service just for the Groom!

Celebrate your big day and get something free!
Get a Free Suit or Tuxedos 
for Your Groom!

THE RIGHT TOUCH Squires Formalwear

THE RIGHT TOUCH works with different custom wear show rooms for best quality fabrics, colors and styles for personal image. 
THE RIGHT TOUCH carries designer tuxedos along with the finest in dress shirts, bow ties, cummerbunds, shoes and other accessories to customize your style and help you look your best. Our tailor can make a personalized fit to your tuxedo so it is perfect for you.

like to dress well, but don't love to shop.


THE RIGHT TOUCH reimagined the traditional store and built

a shopping experience unlike anything out there for guys like us. 

From our design table, personalized service and our collection of

over 3,000 premium fabrics, our experience is designed to help you

find the perfect fit in the most comfortable and convenient way possible.

Custom Tayler Maker
Custom Measurements
Computer Body Analysis
Custom Made Suits
Custom Made Shirts

THE RIGHT TOUCH provide the convenience
of Concierge and Online Shopping combined with personal one-on-one services.

Explore countless premium fabrics for made-to-order custom.
- Custom and/or Retail Wardrobe Shopping 
- Image Consulting and Color Analysis 
- Personal Gift Shopping
- Custom Closet and/or Organizing 
- Corporate and Wedding Formalwear


Tel. 972 - 489 - 4951

Fax. 972 - 429 - 2157

1737 Teakwood Drive, 
Wylie, TX  75098

469 - 838 - 7017


Monday - Friday 11:00 - 6:00

Saturday 11:00 - 7:00

Sunday Closed


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Giving Back/School Programs
Prom and School Programs


  • Opportunity to earn a FREE TUXEDO!  When 5 of your friends use your name as a referral to rent their tuxedos.


Save Money:

  • Give Formal Wear discount cards to your friends and classmates for discounts on their tuxedos.



  • Post your discount card on your Facebook and Instagram Page.


  • Keep the store manager informed of your progress

Tuxedo Formal Wear
Is proud to have served its local schools.  With that in mind, we’ve developed the following programs to help administrators, teachers, and students make their school year as fun and rewarding as possible. Contact our office for more detail information about these rewarding programs.
Festive Table Set

Whether you’re hosting a promotional event for

potential clients or a corporate gala for the entire office,

let THE RIGHT TOUCH creative vision and execute all

the logistical details.


THE RIGHT TOUCH help you create a memorable corporate event that you, your colleagues, and your guests will enjoy!

Event Planning

  • Corporate Events

  • Corporate Meeting

  • Private Meeting

  • Corporate In House Parties

  • Seminars Event Planning

  • Workshop Event Planning

  • Grand Breaking Event

  • Social Media 

  • Marketing Event Hospitals 

  • Social Networking

  • Social Event Planning

  • Special Event Planning

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