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Jewel Custom Collections

Healing and Personal Style!

Inspiration in Every Design....

Jewelry is very personal and it should tell your story.  I like to match healing crystals and gemstones that make unique jewelry that talk about your personality and style.  That's more important to me than showing any designer labels.

Mr. Bell has over 35 years of experience working in the fashion industry.  After years 
of working in various businesses, Mr. Bell's experiences have gain him knowledge
and skills to become an entrepreneur in what he's most passion for, Image Consulting, Event Planning and Custom-Designing.  
Mr. Bell's cliental for success are; CEO's Professionals, Celebrities and Athletes in professional sports. 
W. Anthony Bell
Custom Jewelry Designer
and Image Consultant 

About the Designer

Mr. Bell's accomplishments are worldwide from Cooperate 500 Companies, Professional Businesses, Public Schools, Television Appearances, News Articles, Radio and Magazines. 

Our Mission

Thanks to everyone who liked, shared post and purchased Jewel Custom Collections. 

My son's W. Anthony Bell (Custom Designer) seek out the best healing stones and crystals from around the world to bring them to you on your path to heal and for happiness.

E. Jewel Bell
May God continue to bless you.
Healing Crystals and Stones!
Image Consulting and EventPlanning, LLC.

Our Staff

Cynthia M. Bell
Anthony, Cynthia, Collin Bell
and Lynn Kelly

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