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Jewel        Custom Collections

Handmade Copper Wire Wrapped Necklaces 

The perfect custom necklace around your neck or for a loved one. Or design your own personal Jewel Custom Collections  Necklace with our skilled artist that shows your unique style. 

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    All Jewelry Are Handmade And Unique!

    Platinum Foldover Extension Clasp
    set for Bracelet and Necklace Jewelry.
    Pendant by: JewelryByAnaika
    Perfection Jewelry Clasps


    • Handmade item

    • Necklace Length  

    • Style: Fashion 

    • Can be personalized


    • Materials: Copper, Stones and Crystals

    Handmade Copper Wire Wrapped Pendant 
    Make It One-of-a-Kind
    Jewel Custom Collections

    Custom design a custom Necklace just for you or a love one! 
    Pick your Pendant, Crystals and Stones, and work with a skill Artie designer one-on-one.
    W. Anthony Bell
    Custom Jewelry Designer
    /Image Consultant
    # 01
    # 02
    # 03
    # 04
    # 05
    # 06
    # 07
    Which Pendent Number Are You Interested In With Your Created Design.  (Full Design Purchase Will Be Given).  One-on-One Consultation By Texted, Phone and Photos.
    Design process 3 or 4 weeks 
    Healing and Personal Style!
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